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                              THE ART OF RUNNING PROJECT                          

Welcome to the Art of Running Project which aims to bring together, in one place, examples of art with a running theme. This is very much still work-in-progress.

Wikipedia defines art as 'the product or process of deliberately arranging items (often with symbolic significance) in a way that influences and affects one or more of the senses, emotions, and intellect'.

This will be the yardstick that is used to decide whether something is included here or not. 

If there is something you would like included, please contact Edward via the link at the top of the page.

To be notified when new material is added either 'like' the Ed & Phil Active Facebook page where notifications will be posted or sign-up for the Ed & Phil monthly e-newsletter. You could, of course, just keep checking the project's pages regularly; that could be a pain if nothing has been added for a while.

The material is arranged in the following pages:

Many thanks to Ed & Phil for letting The Art of Running Project have its home here.

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