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There was a time when all you had to do to find a race was to pop into the newsagents, pick up a copy of Runnerís World and there were all the races listed at the back. The internet has changed all that; Runnerís World only lists some of the races and only for the next two months because they prefer for you to visit their website. Unfortunately many marathons get full up well before two months before race day so relying on the Runnerís World magazine is not a good idea.


The Runnerís World website www.runnersworld.co.uk  has a great list of races but there are some that are not listed so it is worth visiting other sites such as:-






We have listed some marathons, split between road and off-road, that we like. Either click on the relevant sub-menu on the side bar or click on the links below to read about these marathons.


Road       www.getmarathonrunning.eu/13.html

Off-road  www.getmarathonrunning.eu/14.html



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